Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Luchador Muerto

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This was actually started about maybe two years ago (2008). I took various breaks throughout the project, which I think inevitably shows. It was originally a Dia de los muertos project. I recently decided to just finish it, as having it unfinished on my hard drive started to bother me. All done in Photoshop, using a Bamboo tablet.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Animation Reel

(If video does not load, you can view it RIGHT HERE)

This is my animation reel. It is hosted off of Blip TV. PLEASE do not be put off by the instances of Adolf Hitler. Those are clips from a student film MAKING FUN of him. We in no way support or endorse his views. This also includes clips from a Scooby Doo homage/parody we made to commemorate UCSB's Film and Media Studies department building. Below are my responsibilities listed for all clips shown.

Hail Hitler (Hitler clips)
- Handled Production Management
- Character animation
- Inbetween frames and animation
- Storyboarding and keyframing on racing shot
- Animated on Adobe Flash

Skuby Du and the Demon Director of Ellison Hall (Scooby Doo homage/parody)
- Storyboards
- Character designs on Chris, Chad, Skuby and the Demon Director
- Directed photography for backgrounds
- Helped editing on background photos
- Shared keyframing duties with Dax Schaffer
- Animated inbetween frames
- Animated on Adobe Flash

Black and White Clips
- Storyboards
- Key frames
- Inbetween frames
- Drawn and animated on actual animator's bond paper

Painted Pet Portraits

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Above are a pair of painted portraits I made of two of my beloved pets who passed away last year. Kaiser (the chihuahua) was my amigito favorito and he never let me down. Bruce (the cat) was my kitty during my college days in Santa Barbara. His portrait, if you scroll down, you'll see is based off an earlier piece I made of him using photoshop. I couldn't resist doing it on canvas though, the crown and his stripes looked like a lot of fun. They were. Both are water based acrylics on regular white canvas. I'm currently working on a third pet portrait in the same vain of my current cat, Coco.

Thundercats! HOOO!!!

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This is a sketch I started but never finished. It's the Thundercat leader Liono. I loved "Thundercats" as a kid, so this was fun to draw for me. The reason I drew this was to get some practice in on facial expressions, which is why that part of this drawing has the most detail.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Why Bother" Concepts

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These are a few concept sketches I drew up in Photoshop and Flash for a project I tentatively titled "Why Bother" that deals with some anthropomorphic animals living together and trying to balance college life.

Random older gentleman

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This is just a random sketch I drew up not too long ago as a concept for a musical animated project that never got done. Maybe one day I'll return to it. The gentleman above has no name. Just that cool hat.

"Bruce Kaiser" profile shot

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This is a concept drawing I came up with for a comic book I'm currently writing called "Bruce Kaiser". I'm hoping to make it a sort of detective noir style story set in modern day Los Angeles with a lot of exaggerated characters and locations. Los Angeles is one of those cities that looks different if you look at it from different angles, so exaggerating it seemed like the natural thing to do. My goal is to have "Bruce Kaiser" come out sometime in 2011.

Posters from "Assassinating Abraham Lincoln"

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Above is a pair of posters I drew up for a silent student film called "Assassinating Abraham Lincoln" directed by a friend of mine named Brandon Chen. The film was entered in the 2009 UCSB Reel Loud film festival. The poster on top, however, was not used. The film turned out pretty funny and I am glad I was a part of it.

In Deep Foods

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Above is a compilation of different food items that I drew for "In Deep". These drawings were intended for a shot that included the live action actors in a flooding kitchen with the food floating around them. Unfortunately we were unable to include them in the final cut of the movie, but I still saved the drawings.

In Deep Storyboard

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Above is a storyboard from a student film I worked on during college. The film is called "In Deep" and was a lot of fun to be a part of. It was my first student film experience and I learned a lot. This was the only storyboard I could find, which is a shame because there were a lot of cool boards for this movie.

Chronicles of Emilio Banners

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It's been a while since I updated. Above are a couple of banners I made for a good friend of mine (best friend, actually) named Emilio Vargas, who has his own video blog series called Chronicles of Emilio. You can check him out HERE

Friday, October 9, 2009

Mani Kir Royale

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Above is my design for Mani Kir Royale's revamped business card.

Mani Kir Royale is a small family operated social nail bar in North Hollywood, CA. You can visit their home page at www.mani-kirroyale.com

RIP Bruce

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Part I of my Pet Portrait series: King Bruce.

Bruce Wayne was a wonderful little cat that brightened every day I spent with him. We lost Bruce in a terrible accident on August 6, 2009. RIP Bruce, I love you very much.

El Babo

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Part II of my Pet Portrait series: El Babo.

Above is a portrait based on my dog from back home, Kaiser "Babo". The design is based on the masks of Mexican Lucha Libre (Pro Wrestling). 2009.

Coco Wayne

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Part III of my Pet Potrait series: Coco Wayne.

The portrait above is that of my kitten, Coco Wayne. The design is based off of a photo taken of her at the age of 2 months. 2009.

2009 KCSB Shirt Submission

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KCSB, UCSB's campus radio, had a competition to determine their t-shirt for 2009. The design above was my submission to the contest.

DXcellence Tournament Photo

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Two years ago, DXcellence hosted an online Fantasy Tournament where members debated and ultimately voted on their favorite wrestlers of all time.

The photo above commemorates the final "match" from the tournament, which wound up being a three way battle between Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect.

Note: All World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) logos, images and content are copyright of their respective owners. I claim no authorship over any WWE license or logo.

DXcellence News and Updates Banners

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These banners were designed for DXcellence's "News" and "Updates" columns used by members of their site to find out the latest news with the website and current wrestling events.

Note: All World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) logos, images and content are copyright of their respective owners. I claim no authorship over any WWE license or logo.

DXcellence Banners

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These banners were designed for a small online community dedicated to wrestling. I worked as their web master and graphic designer. The banners above have been used to decorate the main pages of the site, as well as their online message board.

Check them out at www.dxcellence.com

Note: All World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) logos, images and content are copyright of their respective owners. I claim no authorship over any WWE license or logo.

Revamping the Pheonix Press

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The Phoenix Press was a small independent newspaper from Bell Gardens, CA. Their first issue (left) needed some aesthetic work. I was brought in for Issue 2 to redo the paper's style and logo. The new look was revealed in Issue 2 (right).

Watercolor Paintings Portrait

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No, not a portrait made with water colors.

This is a portrait of Rebecca Redman of the local Santa Barbara band Watercolor Paintings.

Random Hand Drawing

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This sketch of a human hand was born out of pure boredom one day.